Institute of Earth, Oceans, and Atmospheric Sciences

  • Falkowski, Paul G.

    Name: Falkowski, Paul G.
    Title: Director, Rutgers Energy Institute; Bennett L. Smith Chair in Business and Natural Resources; Distinguished Professor
    Department / Research Program: Rutgers Energy Institute, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Marine and Coastal Sciences, Institute of Earth, Oceans and Atmospheric Sciences
    Research Areas: Algal biofuels, novel catalysts, energy efficiency
  • Glenn, Scott

    Name: Glenn, Scott
    Title: Distinguished Professor and Co-Director of Center for Ocean Observing Leadership
    Department / Research Program: Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Center for Ocean Observing Leadership
    Research Areas: Coastal Ocean Processes, Storms Hurricanes & Typhoons, Air-Sea Interactions, Ocean-Sediment Interactions, Ocean Modeling and Forecasting, Turbulent Closure, Ocean Observing Technology Development, Marine Education
  • Herb, Jeanne

    Name: Herb, Jeanne
    Title: Associate Professor
    Department / Research Program:

    Environmental Analysis and Communications Group; Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy

    Energy Research Areas: Climate Change, public policy, participatory decision-making, science communication, environmental justice, community engagement, vulnerable populations.
  • Kopp, Robert

    Name: Kopp, Robert
    Title: Associate Director, Rutgers Energy Institute; Associate Professor, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences
    Department / Research Program: Earth & Planetary Sciences
    Research Areas: Policy, Economics, Integrated Assessment
  • Miller, Kenneth G.

    Name: Miller, Kenneth G.
    Title: Distinguished Professor
    Department / Research Program: Earth and Planetary Sciences and Institute of Earth, Oceans, and Atomosperhic Sciences
    Research Areas: Carbon Capture and Sequestration

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