Asefa, Tewodros (Teddy)

Name: Asefa, Tewodros (Teddy)
Title: Associate Professor
Department / Research Program: Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology & Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
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Phone: 848-445-2970
Detailed Profile:
Research Areas: Catalysis, nanomaterials synthesis, electrocatalysis, photocatalysis, water splitting and hydrogen production, fuel cells, solar PV.
Energy Research Focus: Development of novel, sustainable nanomaterials that allow the production of ‘clean’ and renewable energy (such as hydrogen) from sustainable sources (such as water). Development of new synthetic methods for various novel multifunctional nanomaterials for catalysis, electrocatalysis, and photocatalysis and investigation of their properties. Synthesis of novel nanostructured and nanoporous semiconductor thin films for solar cells.

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