Past Winners of Energy Contest

2011 REI Energy Contest Winners

Sponsored by PSEG

The Rutgers Energy Institute annually challenges Rutgers undergraduates to develop implementable plans for reducing carbon emissions. Three winning entries were awarded prizes for their creative and innovative solutions in reducing energy consumption at Rutgers.



2011 REI Energy Contest Winners $2,500 Award for Keycard Based Energy Saving Pilot Program

by Ajay Menon, Ian Johnston, and Brian Doyle

Abstract: The proposal is based on the implementation of a key card activated energy conservation system at the Crosby Suites that promotes energy use awareness and decreases instances of wasted energy. These card switches will be activated by Rutgers University student IDs which provide students with the ability to manage their own energy usage. Considering how essential RUIDs are to everyday life, when students leave their rooms, they’ll be required to remove their IDs from the switches, turning off the energy flow to the room. pdf Click here to read more .



$1,500 Award for Small Individual Changes Can Add Up to Make an Enormous Difference

by Christopher Licitra

Abstract: The proposal is based on the plan that the "small individual change" of having the correct tire pressure in the tires of commuters, faculty, and everyday drivers here on campus, will "make an enormous difference". This difference will be seen in reduced energy use and thus reduced cost, less pollution, reduced dependence on foreign oil, longer lasting tires, improved gas mileage per gallon, and - most importantly - increased safety. pdf Click here to read more.



$1,000 Award for EcoGraphic Statements

by Dillon Fernando

Abstract: “EcoGraphic Statements”, seeks to conserve energy and promote eco-friendly practices by designing and implementing graphic statements throughout campus. These evocative statements are developed so that they initiate a direct energy savings and indirectly provide an interest for the viewer to get onboard with our efforts to “go green.” pdf Click here to read more .


The Rutgers Energy Institute gratefully thanks PSEG for its support!