Chundawat, Shishir P.S.

Name: Chundawat, Shishir P. S.
Title: Assistant Professor
Department / Research Program: Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
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Phone: 848-445-3678 
Detailed Profile:
Research Areas: Biochemical Engineering, Protein Engineering, Carbohydrate-Active Enzyme Engineering, Glycoengineering & Glycobiology, Chemo-enzymatic Synthesis of Glycans & Glycoconjugates, Industrial Bioseparations, Protein Adsorption, Biomass Process Engineering, Cellulosic Biofuels Production, Cellulose & Carbohydrate Chemistry
Energy Research Focus: The Glycan Engineering Laboratory (GEL) led by Dr. Chundawat at Rutgers University takes a carbohydrate or 'glycan-centric' approach to sustainably addressing relevant problems in the areas of bioenergy, biomedical, and biomaterials engineering. Dr. Chundawat has multidisciplinary expertise working with carbohydrate-active enzymes; protein modeling, engineering, expression (using E. coli, yeast and cell free wheat germ based expression systems), and purification; carbohydrate chemistry and their processing; and developing analytical techniques for characterization of glycans and protein-glycan interactions. GEL research can be primarily organized into three areas; (A) Glycosyl hydrolase enzyme engineering and lignocellulosic biomass bioprocessing to enable low-cost biofuel production, (B) Understanding protein-glycan binding interactions using complementary bulk adsorption and single-molecule binding analytical methods to develop mechanistically-validated protein bioseparation models, and (C) Developing chemoenzymatic pathways for synthesis of glycoproteins and glycoconjugates to facilitate designer biologics and biomaterials production.

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