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Rutgers Energy Institute Summer Intern wins award at 2015 AICHe National Meeting

Undergraduate student Ajay Kashi has won first prize in the student poster competition at the 2015 AICHe National Meeting in Salt Lake City. Ajay Kashi is a Chemistry and Chemical Biology major conducting research in the Dismukes Laboratory under the mentorship of Dr. Anders Laursen. Ajay attended the meeting to present his research conducted this past summer supported by a Rutgers Energy Institute (REI) Summer Internship on “Scalable Synthesis of Nanoscale Ni5P4 As a Novel HER Catalyst: Investigating the Correlation Between Particle Size and Electrochemical Activity”.

2015 Anders Laursen and Ajay Kashi

Ajay said "My internship with the Rutgers Energy Institute not only gave me a taste of what it feels like to do truly independent research at the graduate level; it also reaffirmed my longstanding desire to pursue a path toward further education in the field of alternative energies and renewable fuels." 

Dr. Laursen proudly stated that "Ajay's work relates in a very direct way to the energy problem currently facing our society. Renewable electrolysis of water is a potential corner stone for the sustainable society and realizing this technology will require the very best young minds. His work focused on how to scale up the production up one of the  most promising catalyst, which will help guide our future research toward achieving renewable energy storage in the near term."

Six undergraduate interns, ranging from across the many fields of energy expertise at Rutgers, researched and explored their topics for 12 weeks this summer on our Rutgers Campuses. At the close of the program, each intern made a presentation and wrote a short research paper, for a day of interdisciplinary learning.

2015 REI Summer internship recipients were: Giuseppe Bongiovi (Physics major), Katelyn Dagnall (Chemical Engineering major), Kevin Feigelis (Physics major), Ajay Kashi (Chemistry & Chemical Biology major), Hardik Patel (Mechanical Engineering major), and Kaila Roffman (Material Science and Engineering major).

Research titles and Faculty mentors:

  • Giuseppe Bongiovi and Kevin Feigelis’s project was with Dr. Sunil Somalwar, titled “Design and Construction of a Prototype Residential Solar Dehumidification”.
  • Katelyn Dagnall’s project was with Dr. Fuat Celik, titled “Photocatalytic Biomass Reforming over Modified TiO2
  • Ajay Kashi’s project was with Dr. Charles Dismukes, titled “Scalable Synthesis of Nanoscale Ni5P4 as a Novel HER Catalyst: Investigating the Correlation between Particle Size and Electrochemical Activity”
  • Hardik Patel’s project was with Dr. Stephen Tse titled, “Flame Synthesis of Graphene”.
  • Kaila Roffman’s project was with Dr. Dunbar Birnie and Frank Felder titled, “Modeling Solar Energy and Local Marginal Pricing for comprehension of Battery Implementation into a Solar Array”.

Over the programs five years, students work has been published in prominent journals.

More information about the REI Summer Internship program can be found at the REI website